Gemato's Wood Pit BBQ Naperville Illinos 60540 Best BBQ ribs Beef Brisket Italian Sausage Gyros Hamburgers and Hot dogs
Gemato's Wood Pit BBQ Resturant Naperville Illinois BBQ Ribs Tips Beef Brisket hamburgers Chicago Style Hot Dogs Italian Sausage Greek Salads Gyros

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Store Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 10 PM

Sunday: 11 AM - 9 PM

On a fateful day in 1996 the Soto brothers Mario and Tom established what would become a favorite place for BBQ. Located in Naperville off ogden road, Gemato's Wood Pit to please your taste buds with fabulous barbecue experience.

Mario and Tom Soto have years of experience in the art of satisfying the appetites of hungry patrons. What's their secret? Great recipes that have been implemented with tremendous care. A strict cooking style that will not change and the golden flames from a wood burning stove. Behind the western building is a beautiful pile of wood that is used to bring their dishes to life.

The ribs are the main attraction. They are perfectly seasoned and fall off the bone. The BBQ chicken and the Brisket are just as mouth watering. A hand pulled pork sandwich follows the BBQ line-up. The menu is diverse offering many greek and traditional foods such as, Gyros, Burgers, Philly Steak, and Salads.

The whole family can afford a night at the Gemato's any day of the week. The restaurant has a large following. Loyal customers enjoy meals and are quick to tell you how great the foods. The owners know customers by name and treat them like family. While you eat there is plenty of western artifacts and decorations to look at.

The Soto brothers would be honored if you would stop by Gemato's and give their barbecue a try. Become a regular and take part in the tradition of great dining here in Naperville.

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